Sparrow Film Project: Block F

Part of The 13th Annual Sparrow Film Project
Saturday, June 11, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

The Sparrow Film Project is an annual competition that challenges filmmakers to make three-minute films in three weeks. For each round, filmmakers are guided by a different set of criteria based on a new theme, and each team draws a unique assignment from a hat.

The Drop by Suit Up
Do Boyfriends Dream of Dancing Fish? by Meandering Quail
Seedtime and Harvest- The Life and Spoils of Jackson Jones by Dassein Protoges
Chrysopoeia by Jajama Jandits
What do you call an Amish Guy with his hand in a Horse's Mouth? by Defiant Loins
Mission by Team Off Brand
Feliz Complicados by Sour Cream Horse
The Tilt by Frappe Kids
13 by Pepper Finger Films
The Walk of Fame by The Bodega Tallboys

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