Barton Fink

Part of Hotels on Film
Saturday, March 8, 2014, 2:00 p.m.

Preceded by Hotel Chevalier

Dir. Joel Coen. 1991, 116 mins. New restoration, DCP. With John Turturro, John Goodman, Judy Davis, Steve Buscemi. A 1930s playwright, whose social-problem dramas are about “the common man,” is offered a $1,000-per-week Hollywood job writing screenplays. He takes residence at the far-from glamorous, nearly deserted Hotel Earle, which becomes a surreal dreamscape in this masterful Coen Bros. movie that swept the top awards at Cannes (Palme D’Or, Best Director, Best Actor).

Hotel Chevalier
Dir. Wes Anderson. 2007, 13 mins. Digital projection. With Jason Schwartzman, Natalie Portman). Wes Anderson’s exquisite short film about lovers who reunite briefly in a Paris hotel room was released as a prologue to The Darjeeling Limited.

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