"Lets Enhance" by Duncan Robson

Supercut Superstars: Panel Discussion with Rich Juzwiak and Duncan Robson

Part of Cut Up Sit Downs
Friday, September 6, 2013, 6:30 p.m.
In the Video Screening Amphitheater

Supercuts are video montages that isolate the repetition of a specific element like a word, phrase or action from one or many films or television shows. Rich Juzwiak and Duncan Robson, creators of some of the Internet’s most celebrated supercuts, will discuss their processes and philosophies.

Media critic and blogger Rich Juzwiak writes for Gawker in New York City. His seminal supercut, “I’m Not Here to Make Friends,” is a collection of the eponymous phrase spoken by contestants on dozens of reality television shows.

Duncan Robson is an animator and visual effects artist from the U.K. In 2009 he made “Let's Enhance” after reading about the supercut phenomenon on waxy.org. His most recent video, “Three Point Landing”, debuted at ROFLCon 3 and was praised as "nifty" by Roger Ebert. Robson lives in San Francisco where he is working on a new project, "Percussive Maintenance".

Free admission.

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