Shayne's Rectangle

Screening & Live Event
Deborah Stratman and Dani Leventhal: Avant-Garde Voices

Introduced by critic Genevieve Yue

O’er the Land
Dir. Deborah Stratman. 2009, 52 mins. 16mm. Stratman’s beguiling essay on “freedom” in all its various guises, picks over the detritus of early 20th century Americana, including border patrols, recreational flamethrower ranges, French-Indian War re-enactments, high school football games, and one heart-stopping death-defying leap from the heavens.

Preceded by:
Draft 9
Dir. Dani Leventhal. 2003, 28 mins. Digital projection.

Shayne's Rectangle
Dir. Dani Leventhal. 2011, 5 mins. Digital projection.
Brimming with visceral force, Dani Leventhal’s video pieces describe life as it is caught in the act: sometimes messy, sometimes sublime, always unafraid. From the rough immediacy of Draft 9’s diary structure to the subtle color shifts of Shayne’s Rectangle, Leventhal’s view of the phenomenal world is unflinching and intuitive, her camera as much a companion as a tool in her unyielding search for signs of life.

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