Your Children Come Back to You

Your Children Come Back to You and Short Films

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Program total running time: 115 mins

Your Children Come Back to You

Dir. Alile Sharon Larkin. 1979, 30 mins. 16mm. With Angela Burnett. A single mother lives welfare check to welfare check, struggling to provide for her daughter. Larkin’s film masterfully presents a child’s perspective on wealth and social inequality.

Preceded by:
Dir. Gay Abel-Bey. 1991, 38 mins. Digital projection. With Fumilayo, Leslie Rainey. When George visits his family before heading to Vietnam, he is confronted by the conflicting ideals of his veteran father, who encourages his patriotism, and his militant brother, who urges him to stay home in protest.

Dir. S. Torriano Berry. 1982, 22 mins. Digital projection. With Steve T. Berry. On the day of his high school graduation, an African American youth battles for self-determination as his family and the neighborhood gang attempt to shuttle him toward a future of lowered expectations. This gritty and tender character study includes a scene filmed at the Watts Towers.

Shipley Street
Dir. Jacqueline Frazier. 1981, 25 mins. Digital projection. With Leslie Smith, Don Maharry. A construction worker, frustrated by his inability to get ahead, decides with his wife to send their daughter to an all-white Catholic school, where the girl is confronted with harsh discipline and racist attitudes.

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