Anita Needs Me

8MM Films by George and Mike Kuchar

Part of Avant-Garde Masters
Sunday, January 16, 2011, 5:30 p.m.

Restored 16mm blow-up prints by Anthology Film Archives

The Bronx-born Kuchar Brothers made their own dime-store version of Hollywood with an 8mm camera.

Anita Needs Me 
1963, 16 mins. An overheated tale of lust, guilt, and Mom, made as a response to the French New Wave.

Sylvia’s Promise 
1962, 9 mins. A visually spectacular tale of tortured love, 1960s rock music, and dancing.

A Town Called Tempest 
1963, 33 mins. Extreme weather and melodrama abound in this torrid tour de force.

Preserved by Anthology Film Archives as part of the Avant-Garde Masters Grant program administered by the National Film Preservation Foundation and funded by The Film Foundation.

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