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Do The Right Thing


Inner City Blues: The Films of Charles Burnett
January 7–8, 1995
View details » Killer of Sheep
My Brother's Wedding
To Sleep With Anger
The Horse

True Fiction Pictures: A Hal Hartley Retrospective
January 14–29, 1995
View details »     FEATURES:
Simple Men
Opera No. 1
NYC 3/94
The Unbelievable Truth
Fugitive in Paris
Local Hero
Surviving Desire
Theory of Achievement
The Clown Tape
Two-Lane Blacktop
The Cartographer's Girlfriend
Helas Pour Moi

Iris; From Motel 6; The Only Living Boy in New York

Beautiful Nightmare: The Films of Dario Argento
February 4–12, 1995
View details » Tenebre
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
Deep Red
Four Flies on Grey Velvet
The Cat O' Nine Tails
Two Evil Eyes

Shirley Temple: Child Star
February 18–March 5, 1995
View details » Bright Eyes
Kid 'n' Hollywood
Pie Covered Wagon
The Little Colonel
Kid's Last Fight
The Littlest Rebel
Polly-Tix in Washington
Poor Little Rich Girl
Kid 'n' Africa
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Glad Rag to Riches
Wee Willie Winkie
The Little Princess

Atom Egoyan
March 11–9, 1995
View details » Family Viewing
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Final Twist
Next of Kin
Peep Show
Speaking Parts
Men: A Passion Playground
The Adjuster
Howard in Particular
In This Corner
Open House
Gross Misconduct: The Life of Brian Spencer
En Passant
The Conversation
Blow Out

Mysteries of the Organism: The Films of Dusan Makavejev
April 1–9, 1995
View details » With all programs introduced by Dusan Makavejev
Love Affair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator
New Domestic Animal
Happy Working Class
A Hole in the Soul
Man is Not a Bird
W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism
Sweet Movie
Innocence Unprotected
The Coca-Cola Kid

Holiday Specials
April 15–23,1995
View details » Mary Poppins
The Wizard of Oz

The Films of Nicholas Ray
April 29–May 29, 1995
View details » They Live By Night
In a Lonely Place
General Electric Theater: "The High Green Wall"
On Dangerous Ground
Flying Leathernecks
The Lusty Man
Party Girl
Bigger Than Life
Bitter Victory
Run For Cover
Hot Blood
Wind Across the Everglades
The True Story of Jesse James
Johnny Guitar
The Savage Innocents

Pinewood Dialogue with Sven Nykist
June 3–4, 1995
View details » The Tenant
Crimes and Misdemeanors
The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Erich von Stroheim
June 10–July 2, 1995
View details » Blind Husbands
Foolish Wives
The Merry Widow
The Wedding March
Queen Kelly
The Great Gabbo
Three Faces East
Hello, Sister!
The Last Squadron
The Crime of Dr. Crespi
Between Two Women
Grand Illusion
I Was an Adventuress
Five Graves to Cairo
Sunset Boulevard

Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges
July 5–September 1,1995
View details » The Music Box
The Hoose-Gow
Sons of the Desert
Hog Wild
Their First Mistake
Way Out West
Women Haters
Gents Without Cents
Dutiful But Dumb
False Alarms
Crash Goes the Hash
Healthy, Wealthy, and Dumb
Grips, Grunts, and Groans
Three Little Twirps
In the Sweet Pie and Pie
Dizzy Doctors
Dizzy Detectives
From Nurse to Worse

Orson Welles
July 8–30, 1995
View details » Citizen Kane
Hearts of Age
It's All True:Based on an Unfinished Film by Orson Welles
The Magnificent Ambersons
The Colgate Palmolvie Theater: "The Fountain of Youth"
Journey Into Fear
The Stranger
The Lady From Shanghai
Touch of Evil
A Tribute to Orson Welles:"Return to Glennascaul"
Filming Othello
The Third Man
Mr. Arkadin (Confidential Report)
F For Fake
The Trial
The Immortal Story
Chimes at Midnight

Robert Mitchum
August 5–September 3, 1995
View details » Out of the Past
The Locket
The Night of the Hunter
Do You Have a Problem With This, Pal?
The Big Steal
Angel Face
Blood on the Moon
Where Danger Lives
His Kind of Woman
Home From the Hill
River of No Return
Cape Fear
Thunder Road
The Sundowners
Secret Ceremony
The Friends of Eddie Coyle
The Yakuza

The Art of Screenwriting
September 9–10, 1995
View details » Crush

A Spike Lee Retrospective
September 16–October 1,1995
View details »     Do the Right Thing
Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads
The Answer
School Daze
Mo' Better Blues
She's Gotta Have It
Making Do the Right Thing
Malcolm X
Jungle Fever
TV Work by Spike Lee: Iron Mike Tyson, Horn of Plenty, MTV Art Breaks
Music Videos and Commercials by Spike Lee

Moving Pictures, Still Lives: The Films of Terence Davies
October 7–8, 1995
View details »     Children
Madonna and Child
Death and Transfiguration
Distant Voices, Still Lives
Young at Heart
The Long Day Closes
The Neon Bible

Second Look: A Selection of Recent Films
October 14–15, 1995
View details » Clean Shaven
The Hours and Times
Through the Olive Trees

Abel Ferrara: King of New York
October 21–29, 1995
View details » Ms.45
The Hold-Up
Driller Killers
Could This Be Love?
The Bad Lieutenant
Snake Eyes
FBI Files
Fear City
Crime Story
China Girl
King of New York
Body Snatchers
Cat Chaser

Hollywood East: 75 Years at the Astoria Studio
November 4–December 3, 1995
View details »     Insurance
S.S. Malaria
Fit to Be Tied
Monsieur Beaucaire
Taxi Tangle
The Installment Collector
Blue Blazes
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
So's Your Old Man
Makers of Melody
The Ballet Class
Old Man Blues
The Letter
Office Blues
Singapore Sue
The Musical Doctor
The Smiling Lietuenant
Animal Crackers
Crimes Without Passion
The Emperor Jones
Military Potpourri
All That Jazz
The Verdict
Once Too Often
Radio Days
Rhapsody in Black and Blue
A Bundle of Blues
Jitterbug Party
The Age of Innocence
The Cotton Club

Rolling Thunder Presents: The Films of Wong Kar-Wai
December 10–19, 1995
View details » Chungking Express
Days of Being Wild
Ashes of Time
As Tears Go By

The Art of Screenwriting
December 16–17, 1995
View details » Tequila Sunrise
Quiz Show

Holiday with Margaret
December 23–31, 1995
View details »     Journey For Margaret
You John Jones
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes
Meet Me in St. Louis
The Secret Garden

Screenings in the Warner Screening Room View details »     Hopalong Cassidy

In the Nam June Paik Video Viewing Room     View details »     Expanded Entertainment

Classic Movie Serials in Tut's Fever Movie Palace
View details » Zombies of the Stratosphere
Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders
Dick Tracy vs Crime, Inc.

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Killer of Sheep
Introduced by Charles Burnett
January 7, 1995

Charles Burnett Interviewed by Greg Tate
January 7, 1995

Simple Men
Introduced by Hal Hartley
January 14, 1995

A Discussion with Hal Hartley
January 14, 1995

The Unbelievable Truth
Introduced by Ted Hope
January 15, 1995

Futitive in Paris
With Joe Gibbons in person
January 15, 1995

Acting, Hartley-Style: A Panel Discussion
With Hal Hartley, Martin Donovan, and Elina Lowensohn in person
January 21,1995

Hartley's World: A Panel Discussion About Cinematography and Production Design
With Hal Hartley, Mike Spiller, Steve Rosenzweig, and Dan Ouelette in person
January 28, 1995

Dario Argento Interviewed by Maitland McDonagh
February 4, 1995

MIEDIA: Moving Images Enter the Digital Interactive Age
Publishing Unbound: Beyond Books in the Digital Age
Panel discussion with Robert Stein and Byron Preiss in person
March 4, 1995

Speaking Parts
Introduced by Atom Egoyan
March 12, 1995

A Discussion with Atom Egoyan in person
March 12, 1995

MIEDIA: Moving Images Enter the Digital Interactive Age
Myst Makers: An Afternoon with Rand and Robyn Miller
March 25, 1995

W.R. Mysteries of the Organism
Pinewood Dialogue with Dusan Makavejev
April 2, 1995

MIEDIA: Moving Images Enter the Digital Interactive Age
The Virtual Playground: Electric Communities for Children
Panel discussion with Greg Beasley and Carol Peters
April 22, 1995

MIEDIA: Moving Images Enter the Digital Interactive Age
Independent CD-Rom Production
Panel discussion with Webster Lewin, Bill Barminski, Rodney Allan Greenblat
May 21, 1995

Collectors Q&A with Harry Rinker
Evaluation Clinic
May 21, 1995

An Afternoon with Sven Nykvist
With Sven Nykvist in person
June 3, 1995

The Tenant
Introduced by Sven Nykvist
June 3,1995

Crimes and Misdemeanors
With Santos Loquasto in person
June 4, 1995

Radio By Welles: A CD-ROM Premiere
With Frank Beacham in person
July 8, 1995

Developing Films: An Inside Look at the Sundance Institute
September 9, 1995

Introduced by Alison Maclean
September 9, 1995

With James Mangold in person
September 10, 1995

With Todd Haynes in person
September 10, 1995

An Evening with Spike Lee
Panel discussion with Spike Lee and Donald Bogle in person
September 16, 1995

Do the Right Thing
Introduced by Spike Lee
September 16, 1995

With Joie Lee and Cinque Lee in person
September 17, 1995

School Daze
With Barry Brown and Sam Pollard in person
September 23, 1995

She's Gotta Have It
With Nelson George in person
September 24, 1995

Making Do the Right Thing
With St. Clair Bourne in person
September 24, 1995

Malcolm X
With Wynn Thomas, Ruth Carter, Jon Kilik in person
September 30, 1995

Jungle Fever
Introduced by Randy Balsmeyer and Mimi Everett
October 1, 1995

The Terence Davies Trilogy
With Terence Davies in person
October 7, 1995

Distant Voices, Still Lives
With Terence Davies in person
October 7, 1995

Young at Heart
With Terence Davies in person
October 7, 1995

The Long Day Closes
With Terence Davies in person
October 8, 1995

The Neon Bible
Discussion with Terence Davies in person
October 8, 1995

Clean, Shaven
With Lodge Kerrigan in person
October 14, 1995

The Bad Lieutenant
Discussion with Abel Ferrera in person
October 22, 1995

Snake Eyes
Introduced by Abel Ferrera
October 22, 1995

St. Regis Benefit
Honoring Sherry Lansing and Roone Arledge
October 24, 1995

Visions of Light
October 31–December 22, 1995

MIEDIA: Moving Images Enter the Digital Interactive Age
Moving Image Think Tanks
With Glorianna Davenport, Michael Naimark, and Ken Perlin in person
November 11, 1995

MIEDIA: Moving Images Enter the Digital Interactive Age
Digital Disney
With John Lasseter, Bran Ferren, Edward Kummer in person
December 2, 1995

The Age of Innocence
With Thelma Schoonmaker in person
December 3, 1995

Chungking Express
Introduced by Wong Kar-Wai
December 9, 1995

Tequila Sunrise
Discussion with Robert Towne in person
December 16, 1995

Panel Discussion: American History into Hollywood Movie
With Julian Krainin, Al Reinert, Alice Arlen, and Jamal Joseph in person
December 17, 1995

Quiz Show
Introduced by Julian Krainin
December 17, 1995