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Before Mickey
March 25–26, 1983
View details » The Beginnings of American Animation
The Hand of the Artist
The Beginnings of European Animation
Cartoons for the Jazz Age, or Felix Meets Ko-Ko

Bad Barbara
April 8–16, 1983
View details » Ten Cents a Dance
Baby Face
Double Indemnity
The Lady Eve
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
Night Nurse
Lady of Burlesque
Clash by Night
The Miracle Woman

Before E.T.: Aliens from the Fifties
April 22–30, 1983
View details » Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
Space Patrol: The Deadly Radiation Chamber
It Conquered the World
Space Patrol
: The Plot in the Atomic Plant trol

Robot Monster
Space Patrol
: The Blazing Sun of Mercury
Invaders from Mars
Space Patrol
: The Big Proteus Swindle
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Space Patrol
: The Escape of Mr. Proteus
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Space Patrol
: Mr. Proteus and the Poison Gas
The Blob
Space Patrol
: The Revenge of Mr. Proteus
The Man from Planet X
Space Patrol
: The Capture of Mr. Proteus

The Game Is Afoot!
May 6–7, 1983
View details » Sherlock Holmes
Sure-Locked Homes
The Return of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Radio Murder Mystery
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
Deduce, You Say!

Sylvia Sidney and the American '30s
October 14–22, 1983
View details » Street Scene
...One Third of a Nation...
Mary Burns, Fugitive
City Streets
You Only Live Once
An American Tragedy
Merrily We Go to Hell

Video Around Town
October 15–November 5, 1983
View details » Allan 'n' Allen's Complaint
Sudden Garden
Miss Canada Interview
Dignus Vindice Nodus
Secret Horror
Slow Down
Love of Line, of Light and Shadow: Brooklyn Bridge
Sub-Atomic Babies
See Me Once
Can't Hide It
Squark Hooks
The Live Show
I Just Work Here
She Came to Stay
L.A. Century City
The Ambassadors of Another Persuasion

All Talking, All Singing, All Astoria!
October 28–November 5, 1983
View details » Tarnished Lady
My Sin
The Sap from Syracuse
Social Register
The Laughing Lady
Night Angel
Roadhouse Nights
The Emperor Jones

Richard Sylbert on Production Design
November 18–19, 1983
View details » Fat City

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The Hand of the Artist
Lecture by Donald Crafton
March 26, 1983

Plan 9 from Outer Space
Introduced by J. Hoberman
April 29, 1983

Sherlock Holmes
Introduced by Spencer Berger
May 6, 1983

The Return of Sherlock Holmes
Introduced by Chris Steinbrunner
May 7, 1983

The Computer and the Moving Image
May 17–24, 1983
View details » Computer Generated Animation: Enhancing Instead of Replacing the Artist, with Bruce Laskin in person
Computer Animation Techniques at MAGI, with Larry Elin in person
Computer Animation as a Cost Effective Production Tool, with Jim Lindner in person
Step by Step: Designing and Producing Computer Generated Images, with Judson Rosebush in person

Visual Structure in Motion Picture Design
Lecture by Richard Sylbert
November 18, 1983

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Modern Greek Cinema
Presented with the Greek Cultural Center of New York in collaboration with the Center of Independent Greek Cinema and with the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture
March 4–19, 1983
View details » Stella
The Factory
The Girl in Black
Special Request
A Foolish Love
The Abduction of Persephone
Soldier's Girl
The Sky
Eleftherios Venizelos
O Megalexandros
When the Greeks

Lights, Camera, Action: New York's Silent Film Studios
Presented in conjunction with the New York Historical Society
November 6, 1983–January 22, 1984
View details » Manhandled
Fatty at Coney Island
Gertie the Dinosaur
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Pool Sharks
The Man from Beyond
The Painted Lady
The Unbeliever
A Vitagraph Romance
The Cry of the Children