PAST PROGRAMS – 1979-1981

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A Short History of East Coast Animation
October 2–17, 1981
View details » New York Invents the Cartoon
Funny Animals
The Fantastic World of Max Fleischer
Fleischer in Florida
Raggedy Ann and Andy
Animated Advertising

Classic Comedies from the Astoria Studio
October 23–November 7, 1981
View details » Manhandled
Sally of the Sawdust
The Cocoanuts
The Installment Collector
A Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic
Miss Bluebeard
It's the Old Army Game
Animal Crackers
Humorous Flights
Taxi Tangle
The King on Main Street
Running Wild
Fast and Loose

Sidney Lumet: New York Filmmaker
November 19–28, 1981
View details » 12 Angry Men
The Fugitive Kind
The Group
Dog Day Afternoon
The Wiz
Just Tell Me What You Want

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Master Lecture Series: The Crafts of Feature Film Production
September 27–December 20, 1979
View details » Introduction and Overview, with Lamont Johnson in person
The Screenwriter, lecture with David Newman in person
The Director, lecture with Arthur Hiller in person
The Art Director, lecture with Mel Bourne in person
The Set Director, lecture with Robert Drumheller in person
The Cinematographer, lecture with Arthur Ornitz in person
The Writer/Producer, lecture with Jay Presson Allen in person
The Sound Person, lecture with Chris Newman in person
The Production Manager, lecture with Lee Haas in person
The Editor, lecture with Alan Heim in person
Special Effects, lecture with Effex, Inc. in person
The Unions, lecture with representative from the New York Motion Picture Locals in person

Master Lecture Series: The Business Aspects of Feature Production April 17–June 5, 1980
View details » Basic Legal Problems Facing Filmmakers, lecture with Edmund Rosenkrantz in person
Funding from Public and Private Sources, lecture with Jan Saunders and Maxi Cohen
The Role of the Producer in Low-Budget Films, lecture with Michael Hausman in person
Distributing the Low-Budget Film, lecture with Glenn Silber in person
An Overview of the Industry, lecture with Stuart Byron in person
Producing and Making Deals, lecture with Joseph E. Levine in person
Watching Where the Money Goes: Production Accounting, lecture with Samuel Goldrich in person
Delivering the Product, Distribution by the Majors

Women in Media
May 7–June 25, 1980
View details » Perspectives: Women in Media, panel discussion with Nancy Littlefield, Barbara Robinson, and Diane Sokolow in person
The Production Manager, lecture with Joan Bradshaw in person
The Producer, lecture with Lucy Jarvis in person
The Production Designer, lecture with Patrizia von Brandenstein in person
Film and Television: The Literary Connection, panel discussion with Renee Schisgal and Phyllis Fleiff in person
The Film Editor, lecture with Sandy Morse in person
The Cinematographer, panel discussion with Judy Irola and Sandi Sissel in person
The Stuntwoman, panel discussion with Jane Solar and Victoria Vanderkloot in person

Master Lecture Series: The Art of Directing for Motion Pictures and Television October 6–December 11, 1980
View details » Karen Schadow Joan Micklin Silver Ira Wohl Yvonne Rainer Richard Kaplan Howard Beckerman Frank Streich Robert Young

Funny Animals
With Leonard Maltin in person
October 3, 1981

Animated Advertising
With Bert Hecht in person
October 17, 1981