Borderline Films

November 17–27, 2016
The New York-based independent film-production company Borderline Films was founded in 2003 by NYU Tisch graduates Antonio Campos, Sean Durkin, and Josh Mond. Their inventive and atmospheric films are marked by emotional intensity, strong visual style, and mesmerizing and revealing performances. This year, Borderline has received acclaim for Christine, starring Rebecca Hall in an unforgettable performance as Christine Chubbuck, the Florida news reporter who killed herself on air, and for The Eyes of My Mother, the one-of-a-kind horror film that was a standout at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. This retrospective includes all of Borderline’s feature films, with the New York premiere of The Eyes of My Mother with director Nicholas Pesce in person and a special screening of Christine with star Rebecca Hall in person.